Jul 4, 2010

Stay Cool

I know. It's hot... I barely even want to venture outside. But you can't be stuck indoors forever, so here are some easy tricks to keep cool (or wet).

Water balloons, water guns, sprinklers, pools (big and small). If your children are tiny, a bucket of water can be the most amazing thing in the world - splash away!

Or dip paint brushes in water and "paint" on the sidewalk/driveway. Can you finish your picture before it all dries up?! Sponges, turkey basters, and other tools like those, that you can find around the house will let you experiment with how each one spreads water around differently. Let me know if you think of another good idea!

For a cold snack, put OJ in the freezer for an hour and it will make a yummy, slushy treat.

Photo: Steve Wilhelm via Flickr

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great ideas! When Gavin was smaller I used to fill a basin of water and put in a few toys and let him go to town! Now he has graduated to a sand and water table though!
But the sprinkler is always a reliable way to cool off too :)