May 25, 2010

Worm Hunt

The weather is beautiful and there are endless reasons to play outside. One big reason at this house is to go hunting for worms! Worms love dark places and are usually found under rocks that are sitting on top of soil. Or if you have a garden, dig around... if you find worms, it means your soil is healthy! It's a very fun activity for little ones. They'll have their favourite spots to check, and once you find a worm, you can spend a good ten minutes watching it wriggle around. Grab a magnifying glass too and see what kinds of bugs are in your back yard, your park or even just in your window box. There's a fascinating mini-world out there, so go on! Explore!!

Further activities to encourage interest in worms and bugs:
-take out books from the library. ever heard of The Worm Diaries?
-draw or paint pictures of them. really look at the insect and draw what you see, not what you think you see
-make a little bug house out of a container. be sure to make air holes and release them at the end of the day
-try out this Wiggle Worm Dirt pudding recipe... trust me, it's delicious :)

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Unknown said...

Gavin is completely obsessed with bugs right now. I'm trying to teach him to WATCH instead of SQUISH! He keeps injuring caterpillars and then not understanding why they won't "go"!