Jul 4, 2010

Silly Random Fun

Okay... so my sister and I were a little weird, or maybe it was just me. But there were a few things I used to do when I was little that supplied me with hours of fun.

- with long hair tied back, sit close to a fan (that has a protective cover) and talk into it. Your voice sounds hilarious!

-have one person lie down on a bed, on their back, with their head hanging over the edge (upside down). Then look at each other. Eventually, your chin will look like your nose, your nose like your chin and your mouth looks ridiculous... also very very funny.*

-close your eyes and make a scribble on a piece of paper for 3 seconds. open your eyes and try to see a picture in your scribble. Use your artistic skills to fully develop the picture from there

-look at yourself in spoons and doorknobs, it gives the fish-eye effect and it's funny too! (okay, really I was doing this last night with my ice cream spoon) *

*Be forewarned. The activities that make your appearance change can be scary to younger children (under 4) who are still learning who they are as separate persons, which is closely tied to how they look. If they're okay dressing up and putting on masks, then it should be safe.

Tell me your wacky ideas so I'm not out on the crazy limb all by myself!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

With wet, long hair, tilt your head forward and bring your hair over your face, then fold it back to create "bangs"! ;)