May 25, 2011

Make a Bird Bath

I found these great instructions on how to make a bird bath, at eHow.
This is simple enough for all ages to do and it's a great way to get outside!

a clean pie plate or shallow dish
one big rock
Step 1
I only had a glass pie plate, but I think it should work. It's nice and clean and not too deep - birds don't want a soaker tub!

Step 2
Add little stones or gravel to the bottom. This gives the birds' feet something to grip. And if you're using a metal plate, the stones keep their feet from getting too hot!

Step 3
I didn't have a big stone for the middle, which acts as a dry place for the birds to stand. So I used a piece of brick. (Looks like a slice of chocolate cake, doesn't it?)

Then I added water. I only put about 1/2 an inch, so it covers the stones. Birds are little, so they don't need much. But they do like it to be clean - it's a bath, after all! So change the water every few days. 

Put your bird bath somewhere safe for the birds (do you have cats in your neighbourhood?)

Now...Bird Watching! What kinds of birds come to your bath? Do they sing? Can you draw them? 
National Geographic has a Backyard Bird Identifier where you can go and answer a few questions about the birds you see, and they will help you figure out what kind of birds are using your bath!


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