Jun 8, 2011

S'mores and Other Important Business

Oooooh! I made new business cards and they are TOO cute!

And of course, in their honour I just had to write a poem :)
Short and sweet, just like S'mores:

S'mores  (listen here on my podcast, also on iTunes)

Sicky...ooey... gooey... YUM!
I'm making s'mores. Do you want some?

But wait! That's not the end of my post!
I can't possibly post an illustration of someone making s'mores, and write a poem about making/eating s'mores, and post an audio of the S'mores poem on my podcast...WITHOUT ACTUALLY MAKING S'MORES!!!

Image: Laura Rebecca's Kitchen

graham crackers
marshmallows (big for a campfire, but mini work if you're nuking them in the microwave - just remember to save some for Stu!!)
some kind of chocolate - whatever is your favourite!

What to do with your ingredients:
--campfire version (always better - but YOU MUST BE CAREFUL!)

   1. prepare your squares - get 2 squares of graham crackers and put chocolate on one (that will be the bottom of your s'more)
   2. find a very long stick with a pointed end. Stick a large marshmallow on and hold it near the fire (you can stand far away because you are using a long stick!). Slowly, your marshmallow will turn a golden brown.
    3. carefully remove the marshmallow from the stick (it'll be hot, ask for help if you need to) and put it on your bottom graham cracker. It will melt the chocolate as you squish the top on, making a sandwich... A S'more! Aptly named because once you have one, you'll always want "some more". Get it?!

--microwave version (lets face it, we can't all have campfires whenever we want)

  1. prepare your squares - just like step one, above - on a microwavable plate

  2. put a single big marshmallow on the chocolate, or a few mini ones

  3. microwave it for 10-15 seconds. when it comes out, put the top on and smush down... Ta-Da! S'mores a la Mircowave :)

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