Jul 31, 2010


I don't normally plug products like LEGO, but on a recent shopping trip (for my niece's 2nd birthday present) the topic of Lego came up.
I did play with it a lot when I was younger, but mostly to build houses for my barbies to play in. My husband however, was making machines with moving parts by the time he was 8 - now he's in med school.
I'm not saying that playing with Lego will create genius-babies, but... it's worth a shot?

For starters, it's good for dexterity and manipulation of small parts. Then there's the math and problem solving that go into building anything that will stand. From there, the creativity, ingenuity and engineering skills that are nurtured can be incredible. So why not? Sit down with some Lego (or Duplo) and see if your child is interested. At worst, you have entertained a rainy afternoon away.

image: search.cio.co.uk

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