Jul 31, 2010

Hello, Dolly!

Oh man. Today I made Hello Dollies...
I'd forgotten how decadent, sweet and easy they are to make! Almost any aged child can help make these delectable squares but it does require an oven, so adult supervision is required.


First put the oven on at 325 degrees.

1/4 c melted butter
1 c graham cracker crumbs*
1 c coconut (sweetened or not, doesn't matter)
1 c chocolate chips (I prefer milk chocolate)
1 c pecans or walnuts (optional if there's an allergy)
1 c condensed milk

In an 8x8 pan, layer each ingredient evenly and in order, finishing with the condensed milk poured on top of everything. Pop in the oven for 25 min. or until bubbly and golden on the edges.

They do need to cool a long time, but they are worth the wait!

*If you only have graham crackers, put them in a ziplock bag and bang away using something hard (a toy hammer, perhaps?) until they become crumbs. This is a fun kid-activity! And a few big pieces don't matter.

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