Oct 27, 2011

Easy Halloween Treats that Kids can Help Make

Okay, I'll admit it... Halloween isn't just about the bags of candy. There are a ton of other ways to fill your tum with delicious, spooky goodies. If you're having a party, or just want to eat orange and black food all day, here are some ideas to get you started.
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SUPERMOM has amazing Halloween food ideas.

Image from: Westward Blogs

Worms in Dirt
image from: Our Best Bites (which has tons more great ideas!)

Pizza Mummies

Cut up hot dogs and cover them in BBQ sauce :)

Quick Tips:
Gummy Worms can make any punch bowl spooky!
Cheesy quesadillas can be cut into pumpkin shapes!
Blind fold kids and let them put their hands in bowls of Ooblik (slime), spaghetti (guts) or grapes (eye balls)!

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