Feb 12, 2011

Make a Love Bug

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

To all the kids out there who want to do something special for Mom and/or Dad, nothing beats a home-made present. Here are the directions on how to make a Love Bug. They're easy to do, and you'll often find that you already have the materials around your house. You might need an older helper to cut the wings!


 a sheet of paper or foam - pink
a big red cotton ball or puff ball
a smaller white cotton ball or puff ball
googly eyes or buttons
pipe cleaner or anything long and skinny 
scissors and glue   
Starburst jelly beans (optional but recommended)

 The Love Bug!
 Glue eyes on the head and then let them dry.
Fold the wings in half to cut out the hearts.
 Glue the body on the wings, then everything else...
 Glue the antennae onto the back of the wings, or else they won't stick.
 They don't have to be perfect. Evey Love Bug is different!

**Go to my DooPod (Monday) to hear me read my Valentine's Day poem about Love Bugs**

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danizeye said...

this is adorable ... a perfect craft project! my daughter & i will most definately be doing this! just wanted to thank you for checking out my blog ... looks like you have a lot of cool stuff going on :) ... i just signed up for your surprise mail ... how fun!