Feb 15, 2011

Did I really just see that?

I was out for a run on Sunday... the sun was shining and it was the perfect temperature. So I decided to take the long way home, through the park.
As I entered the gates, I saw a young guy (15-20 years?)  run by me with a broom between his legs. Must have lost a bet.
But then I got close to the main field in the park, hidden amongst trees, and I saw the most magical sight - a Quidditch Match! Everything was just how I've always imagined (except the players weren't flying).

There's were 3 hoops for goals at each end, brooms, and even capes!
Now I realize that the first guy I saw was the seeker looking for the snitch.

Anyway. It was pretty cool to see, and there are apparently lots of people who play. So check out your own town and go watch a game or join a game or start your own!

Fictional game? Bananas! International Quidditch Association

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