Jan 10, 2011

A Surprise in the Mail!

I got this little card and adorable elephant in the mail today, from le petit elefant by Genevieve Santos. It got me thinking... there's nothing better than getting a surprise package in the mail. I feel a poem coming on!

A surprise in the mail:

Down to the mail box, I bounced without care,
sure that no mail, for me, would be there.

I soundlessly pulled down the door and peeked in...
And oh! The delight! I don't know where to begin!

Inside the mailbox was a package, wrapped tight,
covered with stickers- A beautiful sight!

And carefully printed, plain as can be,
was MY name! This special gift was for me!

The mailbox sang and glowed from within.
I felt shivery tingles all over my skin.

Never before have I felt so much joy!
I didn't care what it was - book, treat or toy!

I stood and I stared. I could feel my heart grow.
It just looked so perfect, I couldn't touch it, so...

I closed the door, tucking my present away.
I'll come back and visit it later today.

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