Jan 11, 2011

Bubble Gum Flier

The Doodads cover has inspired a new poem...
(Perhaps my second poetry book will be in colour!)

The Bubble-Gum Flier
Who knew this would happen? Have you ever heard,
of a girl who blew a bubble and then flew like a bird?
Here’s how it went, (so next time you’ll know
to take great precaution when bubbles you blow):
I had learned just that day, how to blow bubble gum.
I was practicing on a piece… okay, more than one.
First I was chewing, then started to blow;
a regular bubble, but it started to grow.
I was excited. I didn’t want to stop.
I just figured the bubble would eventually pop.
But it didn’t. It grew. And it grew and it grew.
When I realized what was happening, there was nothing I could do.
I started to lift, straight off the ground.
I needed some help but there was no one around.
Up I kept floating, towards the blue sky.
I didn’t look down, but I knew I was high.
I’d better stop blowing. I thought, as I raised.
Then I heard shouts! Down below people gazed
at the bubble-gum flier (that’s me) in the air.
“We want some gum too!” they shouted, “Please share!”
I started to talk, to give my reply,
but let go of the bubble and fell from the sky.
The bubble, it popped; I landed unhurt
right in the park in a pile of dirt.
I looked up above, there was gum all around.
Sticky trees, sticky path, sticky swings, sticky ground.
I had been scared… but now had a relived feeling.
Cause if I’d been inside, there'd gum on the ceiling!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that when I read this poem I was a kid again? Being older may bring some wisdom, but being childlike creates lightness of spirit. Thanks Carrie!