Jul 4, 2010

I (or is it Eye?) Spy

This traditional game has now become part of the consumer arena... and I fully support it. Behold The I Spy Bag :

There are different versions of them all over the place. I like these, which I found on Etsy at Violet's Shop. You can choose the material your child would want and Violet will send you one for $10.

They are great for many reasons. First, dexterity, as little hands have to work the bag and the beads to move the objects around inside. Second, memory - kids need to keep in mind what they are looking for/what they've already found. Third, sanity (that is, the parents'), as these can easily be brought places where your child will need to sit and wait patiently and quietly, including the grocery store, Doctor's offices or in the car. You're welcome.

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Unknown said...

ohhh I love those! They are adorable! Etsy is the best for one-of-a-kind stuff like that!