Mar 5, 2009

Play Outside!

Spring is here (or coming)! Go outside and play! If you don't have a yard, every city has a park. Go there with your family on Saturday or Sunday :)

-look for cool bugs or plants
-what's the smallest thing you can find?
-fly a kite
-ride a bike
-make a fort or teepee
-play tag - or just Run! do cartwheels, somersaults, twirl!
-float a boat (if there's a stream, pond, lake etc.) or skip rocks
-follow the leader
-keep up a beach ball
-climb a tree (with an adult around)
-have a picnic
-jump rope
-try to make a nest like a bird
-lie on your back and look at the clouds
-catch butterflies
-look at things under a magnifying glass
-is there a place you can plant a garden?
-collect pebbles, or paint a rock
-hula hoop
-follow an animal - where does it live? what does it do? what does it eat?
-chase cloud's shadows as they move across the grass

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