Mar 4, 2009

Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD)

I know we go around putting a lot of labels on things, but this is a concept that has recently affected me. I've always lived in a place where nature is at my backdoor. Any time I wanted, I could go outside and get solitude, fresh air, be among the trees, hear (if not see) animals, have soft ground beneath my feet... Even though I knew I enjoyed it and that it made me feel good, I took it all for granted.
Now I'm in a full-on city. And this time of year, it's pretty gray. If I want to see big trees and water, I have to drive an hour. I've felt pent-up, antsy, irritable and just "off" - until yesterday. Yesterday, I found a park with a stream and some small trees. I spent an hour outside, in the fresh air, relaxing. It just felt like I could breath.
So, what I'm trying to say is that being outside is sooooo important. Take. your. kids. outside. Find a park and trees, water is a big bonus and go there once a week. If you can go more than once a week, do it! You'll all benefit. We are animals and we are meant to be outside!