Jan 16, 2012

Rock, Paper, Scissors? Or... Ninja, Cowboy, Bear!

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We all know the good old game Rock, Paper, Scissors.
But now there's a WAY more fun version - Ninja, Cowboy, Bear*!!
I learned about it over the Christmas break and I will never go back. I mean, common! Which would you rather play?!

Image from Langaria
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Image from Wild West Gunslinger Statue

How to Play
stand back to back with your partner
walk three paces (each) away from each other
on the 4th beat, jump to face your partner, doing a pose of either a Ninja, a Cowboy, or a bear

Ninja - Arms crossed in ready stance
Cowboy - draw your guns
Bear - Claws up and growling

Feel free to add sound effects!

Ninja beats Cowboy using lighting speed ninja kicks
Cowboy beats Bear with his quick draw and perfect accuracy
Bear beats Ninja with a strong swipe of his clawed paw

Image from KidsCanPress
*Ninja Cowboy Bear (above) is also a series of children's books and their website has rules of the game and other activities :)

People playing Ninja Cowboy Bear (love it)
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