Dec 10, 2011

My Christmas Elf

My Christmas Elf
Twinkle lights and stockings too,
Snow and cookies… Santa’s due!

He’ll be here soon with lots of toys
For all us good little girls and boys.

How does he know, who is who?
Where we live and what we do?

The Christmas Elves, sent from the Pole,
Decide who gets gifts… and who gets coal.

Each December Elves come to stay
At all our homes to watch us play,

Make sure we’re nice, that we don’t fight.
They report to Santa every night.

They tell him of the things they’ve seen,
Of all the homes, where they have been.

Then they return, these quiet Elves -
By daybreak they’re back on our shelves.

Sometimes you see them, sometimes not.
If your Elf is shy, he’ll hide a lot.

But he is watching every day
Until it’s time for Santa’s sleigh

To fly through the night. He comes himself!
To deliver toys and pick up each Elf.

On Christmas morning, I’m up at dawn.
Presents are there, but our Elf is gone.

Sleigh tracks sparkle in the snow,
I’m kind of sad to see Elf go.
But in the distance the sun’s a-glow
And I faintly hear a “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

This poem was inspired by Elf on the Shelf.

I just published it, for the first time, in my December issue of  A Surprise in the Mail.  Click here to see this issue of the newsletter.
Click here to watch me read the poem on my secret webpage!

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