Nov 18, 2011

What colour is your Snore?

This is my Snore!

What does yours look like?

My Backwards Snore

I was reading in bed one afternoon, when I heard a little sneeze.
“Bless you,” I said, without looking up.  And someone answered, “Please.”

Perplexed, I put my bookmark in, and said, “Hello? Who’s there?”
A muffled, little voice piped up, “Goodbye! Who’s under where?”

“Underwear!” I giggled, as I knelt down on the floor.
And underneath my messy bed, I found a bright blue Snore!

(If you’ve never seen a Snore before, they look like balls of fluff.
Not much to ‘em – they’d fly away with a teeny, windy puff.)

Again, my Snore did a tickled sneeze, which blew him back a bit.
“Poor guy!” I gently picked him up, and then? He threw a fit!

“Put me up this instant! I’m healthy! Don’t you see?
All mixed up and straightened out. Wide awake, asleep!”

Well, my Snore was sick! That much was clear. He was backwards… just not right!
He should have been asleep all day and then awake all night.

But here he was… not making sense, and obviously upset.
And he really was the cutest Snore that I have ever met.

In my hand, he settled down. His heavy eyelids drooped.
But my lil’ Snore couldn’t fall asleep, an’ the poor guy just looked pooped!

If I didn’t help him find his dreams, I knew that I’d be next –
Tired, confused and backwards too! In short, we’d both be vexed!

So I bent and kissed his fluffly cheek, then hummed a quiet hum.
I rocked so slowly, back and forth, and gently rubbed his tum.

Finally, my Snore fell asleep and stayed that way all day.
As I got into bed that night, he stretched and murmured, “Hey.

“I’m turned around and back on track. I’m better, thanks to you!”
I smiled and then closed my eyes, to let my Snore do what Snores do!

Perplexed: confused, stumped, bewildered, just don’t understand
Vexed: upset, irritated, annoyed

Why did the Snore say “please” at the beginning of the poem?
What is it that you think Snores do?
What colour is your Snore, do you think?

Draw your snore and post it on my facebook page!
Circle or underline the Dictionary words in My Backwards Snore.

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