Oct 2, 2011

Mini Too!

By now, you should all know my friend, Stu, my Mini Whale. (And if you don't, click here before you read on!)
Well, he and I were hanging out the other day and you won't believe what happened...

Mini Too!

You all know Stu, my mini whale.
Well, here’s the next part of the tale…

One day when we were playing  ball,
I missed it an’ it rolled to the wall -

Right into a mouse’s hole.
I threw up my arms, then yelled out “Goal!”

I got down on my hands and knees,
Peered inside and what did I see?

You won’t believe me if I say.
I gasped so loudly and backed away.

Out from the hole rolled our bouncy ball.
And behind it? An elephant! Three inches tall!

Mini whales - we all know they exsist.
Tiny elephants? I guess… add it to the list!

“Is this yours?” she shyly said.
“It rolled in my house, onto my bed.”

I stared in shock. What a surprise!
Stu blew some bubbles with big, round eyes.

“I’m lil’ Ellie,” she went on.
“Do you mind if I play along?”

Oh yes, we played… an’ got thirsty too!
(Well, me and Ellie. Of course not Stu!)

It’s always nice to meet a new friend,
And I have a feeling this is not the end!

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