Oct 19, 2011

Halloween Decorations - Fun and Easy for Kids!

Carving pumpkins? Of course! But what else can you do to get your house Halloween ready?
Below are simple, homemade ideas that all ages can help to make.

Halloween Window Silhouettes!
Silhouettes of scary shapes are great in your windows! 
Here are the cut outs for a bat, a creepy hand,  a crow, and a spider. Just cut out of black construction paper. Purple is also an (unexpected) Halloween-y colour!


Vampire Balloon Bat                                                                              Click here for the instructions!

Creatures are watching you from the trees!!!    
Click here to learn how to make spooky eyes!                                                         

Fake Spiders - cheap and easy
Spiders can make anything Creepy!

Table Toppers
A black table cloth, some cobwebs and  candle sticks can work  spooky magic!

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