Oct 30, 2011

Be Safe on Halloween Night!


Make sure your costume doesn't drag on the ground and trip you!

Image from: Mommy Poppins

Image from: Parents

Face paint is better than masks because masks are hard to see  through and breathe through. (But wash your makeup off before you go to bed!)

Image from: Kaboodle

Image from: Ask a Mum?

If you're carrying sword or weapon, make sure it's soft!
Image from: Cool Buzz 

Wear something reflective on your clothes/treat bag or have a flashlight. (Glow sticks can explode, so don't chew on them!)
image from: Fun Express

Image From: Reflective Decals World

Trick-or-treating is way more fun in a group! Take friends and/or parents along :)
Image from: LoveLuluMae Blog

Stay on sidewalks! Look both ways before you cross the street.
Image From: Invitation Box

Only go into a house if your parents are with you.
Image From: Youknowster


Let mom or dad inspect your treat bag before you eat anything (they'll look for things that you might choke on, things you're  allergic to, or open wrappers).
Image From: Gifts for you Now

Only eat store-bought treats - no homemade goodies.
Image From: Happy Home Fairy

Don't eat too much candy at once or you'll feel sick - and it will be gone before you know it!

Image From: Chucky Larms Blog

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