Feb 26, 2010

Free, easy and hours of fun!

We had yet another snow day yesterday, so needed to fill some hours without watching TV or bouncing off the walls.
Luckily, we scored a humongous cardboard box that a new living room chair came in. With a few crayons and markers, a knife (with supervision) and a lot of imagination, we turned it into a flower fort! Yes, we were fairies and we lived inside a flower! Check it out.... it's hard to see, but there are flowers, a bird and her nest full of eggs, a secret passage and much more.

Now it's time to make your own fort! Is it a castle? A cottage? A pumpkin or a spaceship? What can you draw on it to make it feel realistic?
If you don't have a box, chairs and blankets work just as well.

1 comment:

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