Jan 14, 2010

What to do with a todder...

-building blocks
-crayons and paper
-play dough (edible might be best, see "Recipes")
-fridge magnets
-picture books
-putting things in and out of containers
-playing in water - fill up the tub! add bubbles and tupper ware
-finger paint (pudding works :)
-a ramp and some balls/things that will roll or slide down
-build a fort, just need a blanket and some chairs
-chores, show them what to do (folding, making a bed, stirring. They like to help!)
-go to the library, there will be children's reading times for free, at least once a week
-move - dance, jump, clap, stomp, twist, simon says...
-if you can get outside to play, DO IT!
--skip, walk, collect sticks, play in the sand, smell flowers, or just let them explore. That's what kids do best.

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