Apr 23, 2009

Every Day Should be Earth Day!

This is a picture of North America at night. The continent is outlined by the glow of lights from our cities. And as you can see, we're taking up a lot of space.
It is more important now, than ever, that we start taking care of our planet. But it's not scary, it's an exciting time in history! This is where we get the chance to really change the world for the better! Talk to your kids about what they can do to help. Dream about the way the world could be - clean, bright cities with trees and fresh air - and how they can make it happen. To save our planet we'll need hard work and lots of creativity, imagination and knowledge. We need everybody to help.

Reduce (do you really need 10 pairs of shorts? All those games and toys? Play outside instead. Take cloth bags to the grocery store. Don't drive 5 blocks - walk or ride your bike!)
(make shakers out of plastic bottles, draw pictures on the back of paper that's been used already. Old clothes can be turned into rags or dress up or given to someone who can use them).
Recycle (your blue bins should be FULL! your garbage should not. Most things now can be rinsed and recycled).

Think Green! Make every day "Happy Earth" Day!

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