Feb 20, 2009

How to Help your Parents

Parents are busy! But there are lots of fun things kids can do to help. But remember to praise their hard work and don't re-do what they've done. Helping out is fun!
(tasks vary, depending on age and ability)

Ideas for the kids:
- set the table - do you remember what utensils you need to eat? where does everything go?
- practice using scissors - cut out coupons (round-ended scissors are available)
- tidy toys, make your beds
- sweep or zap dust bunnies put on some music and dust everything while you dance!
- be the light police - turn off lights/electronics when they're being unused
- washing things (dishes without glass or knives, windows etc) can be fun with warm bubbly water
- laundry - can you sort colours? pour the soap in? Folding is fun if you do it together
- mix ingredients together when you're helping cook or bake

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