Jan 27, 2009

DoOdADs: Both Sides

I like to keep things tidy. Yep. I can’t stand a mess.
Otherwise, to find my stuff, I can only guess.
I take care of all my toys, by putting them away.
That way, not a thing gets lost, an’ there’s tons of room to play.
I feel better when my room is clean, all tidy, nice and neat.
I feel calmer, lighter, happier –a feeling you can’t beat!

I like to keep things messy. Yep. I don’t like them clean.
Cause if I put my toys away, I don’t know where I’ve been.
I forget what I was doing, if I tidy all my toys.
It’s like only have silence, when all you want is noise!
Having all my stuff in sight, reminds me what I’ve got.
Sometimes I want new toys, then see – no need! I have a lot!

To be fair, I see both sides. Either way our lives will bloom.
But living would be easier if we didn’t share a room.

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