Jan 27, 2009

DoOdADs: Baking Cookies

Baking Cookies

I was warned that this would happen as I stirred the cookie dough.
“Now, if you eat too much of it, a pain inside will grow.”
I didn’t really listen as the 'gredients swirled around.
I took a nip to taste it, then immediately, I was bound.

I couldn’t stop! I ate and ate…a spoonful, here then there.
Before I knew it, most was gone; the bowl was almost bare.
I looked down at my belly. It stuck out beneath my shirt.
And that is when the pain began, the ache - the awful hurt.

“It hurts!” I clutched my tummy as I sat down on the floor.
“Too much…” I cried to everyone, “the cookie dough! No more!”
I moaned as I regretted having taken every bite!
“I should not have eaten all that dough! I know now- you were right!”

There was nothing I could do but wait, the ache would go away.
I knew it must eventually. It couldn’t stay all day.
I sat and waited patiently, and pouted; rubbed my tum,
Then I heard the ding-dong ring… the cookies! They were done!

Well, cookie dough and cookies are two very different things,
For my tummy feels much better once the oven timer rings.
It knows the fix for too much dough is cookies. I am sure.
It doesn’t really make much sense, but b'lieve me, it’s the cure!

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